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Mark Breakdown

The final mark for the course is out of 100, which breaks down in the following way:

Class presentation

Each week one or two people will give a presentation based on a news item that occurred in the previous week (please include the link).

Website Assignment

Website Instructions

Your website must include:

Oral Exam

Essay Assignment

Essay Instructions

Suggested Essay Titles

  1. Discuss some of the emerging developments in computer hardware and software and suggest three business opportunities that these will create.
  2. What is the difference between open and closed source software? How do people make money from software developed with these different approaches? Illustrate with two examples.
  3. Discuss some of the problems with software piracy and how companies are attempting to prevent it. How can software piracy increase a company’s revenue?
  4. Outline the advantages and disadvantages of two software development practices. Suggest areas in which each is applicable.
  5. What are the costs of bad software? Illustrate with two case studies of poor development practices.
  6. Describe the hardware and software behind a major e-commerce site. This cannot be MySpace, so search for your own example.
  7. Outline all of the steps (hardware, software, domain names, Internet service provider, company registration, etc.) that you need to take to set up your own rival to eBay.
  8. Give a detailed analysis of three different ways of making money online and do a detailed estimates of the costs. This should include startup and maintenance costs for the site, shipping costs, advertising, likely revenue, etc. Typical examples would be a standard online website selling goods, such as Pixmania, a website offering free services supported by advertising, such as Hotmail, Google, and MySpace, and a website that charges for a service, such as Paypal.
  9. Discuss three examples of Internet censorship and describe three ways in which Internet censorship can be circumvented.
  10. Explain data warehousing and data mining and give two examples of how these have been used to improve a company’s revenue.
  11. Discuss the economic cost of cyberattacks to business and how this can be reduced. Illustrate with a couple of case studies.
  12. Produce a comprehensive computer security plan for a small Internet company. This should include physical security, staff training, and security at the hardware and software level. Estimate some of the costs.
  13. How do data privacy issues affect companies? Discuss some of the laws that apply to this area and illustrate with a couple of cases.
  14. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Ajax technology. Suggest two services or applications that Ajax could be used for and how these could make money.
  15. How is artificial intelligence applied in business? Give three examples.
  16. What are the current markets for robots? Discuss three new business opportunities that are emerging in this area.


More information about the exam is given in the Week 12 slides, which can be found here.