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Technology News Sites

Slashdot: www.slashdot.org

Wired: www.wired.com

Financial Times Technology Section: www.ft.com/technology

Website Design


Overview about how to make a website.


W3Schools' Introduction to HTML.

Forms tutorial.

Difference between post and get.

How to create an .ico file in Photoshop.

How to add an icon to a page.

Meta tags.


Frames tutorial.

Another frames tutorial.

Advantages and disadvantages of frames.

Cascading Style Sheets

W3Schools css tutorial.

Another css tutorial.

W3Schools css reference.


W3Schools' JavaScript Tutorial.

WebTeacher's JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer.

W3Schools Dynamic HTML tutorial.

JavaScript cookie tutorial.

Another cookie tutorial.


W3Schools AJAX tutorial.

Website dedicated to AJAX.

Mozilla information on AJAX.

Publishing Websites

Web page analyzer.

W3C Link Checker.

W3C HTML validation.

Information about website accessibility (including some checking tools).

Domain name registration: www.eurodns.com.

Domain name registration: www.freeparking.co.uk.

How to set up a Linux server.

Free website hosting: www.free-webhosts.com.

WebSTAT website traffic analyzer.

StatCounter website traffic analyzer.

How to increase your Google rankings.



Crimson Editor: www.crimsoneditor.com.

FileZilla: www.filezilla-project.org.

Firefox web browser: www.mozilla.com/firefox.


Adobe Flash.

JW Media Player.

GIMP image editing application: www.gimp.org.

Online image editor.

Computer Security

Snort open source intrusion detection system: www.snort.org.

Ethereal sniffer: www.ethereal.com.

AVG free anti-virus software.

Adaware anti-spyware: www.lavasoftusa.com.

Spybot anti-spyware: www.safer-networking.org.

Windows rootkit revealer.

Afick file integrity checker.

Top 100 Network security tools.

Online Privacy

Pretty Good Privacy encryption software: www.pgpi.org.

Tor anonymizer: http://tor.eff.org.

Freenet: http://freenetproject.org.

Data Recovery and Erasure

Data recovery tool.

Disk Investigator software to display data on hard drive.

NT file recovery.

PC Inspector.


HandyBits File Shredder.

KillDisk: www.killdisk.com.

Free hard drive wiper.

Essay Writing

How to write an essay.

Guide to writing a basic essay with many useful links.

Detailed essay writing guide.